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Travel to Lipe, the hottest island with the Maldives of Thailand

Travel to Lipe this summer!! Prepare to pack your bags. Invite a gang of friends and go to sleep together at Koh Lipe, cheap accommodation. The best time to visit Koh Lipe is summer. But it’s not that the rainy season can’t travel to Lipe, it’s good because accommodation will be cheaper. and if there are not many monsoons Tourists can also snorkel to see beautiful coral reefs as well. It’s said that Koh Lipe. It’s the hottest island. with tourists after flowing in continuously It is considered a very popular tourist destination for vacationing in the summer. There are hotels, resorts, restaurants, art beach clubs. Koh Lipe is a small island in the middle of the sea, located in the south of Koh Adang. in Satun Province was called Maldives, Thailand Because of the beauty of the clear sea water, you can see the fish in the sea right away. fine white sand beach Including the underwater world full of corals and various aquatic animals. It can be said that it is a small paradise for sea lovers.

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Traveling to Koh Lipe That can be done in several ways, including :

  • Plane : Tourists can take a plane to Hat Yai Airport. After that, contact vans from various tour companies because tour companies will provide pick-up service from Hat Yai Airport. Go to Pak Bara Pier for free.
  • Private car : Drive from Bangkok heading south. go directly to Satun province to Pak Bara Pier Then take a boat to Koh Lipe.
  • Public transportation : Tourists can choose to use the bus service at the Bangkok Bus Terminal. By choosing to get off at La-ngu District, Satun Province, then take a van to Pak Bara Pier. You can check the car travel details and prices. Or contact the tour company that we booked the room to pick up at the place we got off the bus.

Traveling across to Koh Lipe Most tourists prefer to use Pak Bara Pier. because it is the nearest route The most popular boats are large speed boats. Which takes about an hour and a half to travel from Pak Bara Pier to Koh Lipe. When arriving at Koh Lipe, accommodation is cheap, then hurry to pack your things and prepare to meet the beautiful atmosphere of Koh Lipe both in the morning and at night. Let’s go to Koh Lipe together to the fullest.

Art Beach Club When arriving at Koh Lipe, there is another thing that cannot be missed. pool party With a gang of friends or family, etc. Meet at night at Art Beach Club, an entertainment club located on Koh Lipe. pattaya beach front or Bundhaya Bay The overall appearance is a pool, a water bar, a variety of food services in every form, there will be famous singers of the city with free admission. But if going into the pool, you have to pay a service fee.The courtyard where customers can sit and drink or eat has 2 floors. The upper floor has a wide sea view. The ground floor has a pool view. And the sea view, if there is an activity at the lower pool, it will be closer.

Fire show Koh Lipe at night, there are many places. Interesting is Chilling by the beach is a must-see. And one highlight that most tourists must see is wielding a fireball When the sky starts to get dark, then there will be a fire show. That often have villagers come to perform on the beach in which they have been well trained Exciting and up-close viewing of fireballs. Swinging the fire has become one of the unique characteristics of Koh Lipe.If you haven’t come to see the fire show, it’s considered that you haven’t arrived yet. Last deposit travel to Lipe Let’s have fun together.

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