the chic lipe เดอะชิค หลีเป๊ะ โฮสเทลอันดับ 1 ของเกาะหลีเป๊ะ

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Welcome to The Chic Lipe Hostel (The Chic Lipe Hostel)

The loft-style interior design of the Chic Lipe Hostel makes it seem comfortable. in addition to other in-room features Whether it’s a water heater, mini-fridge, hair dryer, etc. Additional gaming devices include pinball and pool tables. We, The Chic Lipe, are prepared for you to have pleasure in the occasion. full of sleep

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The Chic Lipe, the best hostel on Koh Lipe.

In order to provide you with the greatest possible relaxation, we are prepared to provide you with lodging and food services.