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Complete 2 injections of vaccination and come to visit Lipe.

The Chic Lipe has a special promotion to recommend to you. If you have completed 2 doses of vaccination, let’s go to Koh Lipe. In the era of an epidemic like COVID-19, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Because now there is a vaccine for everyone to get injected to prevent the spread of the disease like COVID. If staying at The Chic Lipe (The Chic Lipe), there are measures to keep the rooms and premises clean regularly with disinfectants. different areas that are at risk, such as doorknobs, faucets, light switches, etc. Here, we have followed the Department of Disease Control very well. and one more thing The Department of Health has advice on how to properly wear a mask based on the D-M-H-T-T-A principle to prevent COVID 19 (Covid 19). Don’t forget to follow it too.

Before you travel to Koh Lipe measures should be examined Let’s travel to Satun province first to follow the COVID-19 prevention measures. of Satun province strictly.

Promotion : Special!! 2 doses of anti-mold spray, additional 15% discount (on September 30, 2021)

  • Standard Double Bed + with breakfast from 1,700 ฿ / night, reduced to 1,300 ฿ / night
  • Single Bed Mixed Dorm room from 650 ฿ reduced to 460 ฿ / night
PV1 ฉีดวัคซีนครบ 2 โดส
  • You can book a boat to Lipe with Akira Speedboat.
  • The Chic Lipe : Recommended places to visit in Koh Lipe >> Travel to Lipe
  • The Chic Lipe : review of attractions in Koh Lipe >> Review of Lipe

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Measures to travel to Satun Province

For anyone traveling to Koh Lipe during this period Satun province has the following entry-exit measures :

Cr. Facebook สำนักงานประชาสัมพันธ์จังหวัดสตูล
Cr. Facebook สำนักงานประชาสัมพันธ์จังหวัดสตูล

Measures D-M-H-T-T-A to promote environmental health behaviors to prevent the spread of COVID-19

PV3 ฉีดวัคซีนครบ 2 โดส
Cr. กองสาธารณสุขและสิ่งแวดล้อม


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